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Reseda Charter High School - Girls Build LA 2022

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Our mission as a team is to bring awareness to young women how to develop skills in the STEM workforce and make a safe space for girls interested in the STEM field.

Find us on Instagram @rchs_girls_buildLA
How are we going to spread this message?

Our group makes presentations about career opportunities and present to other classmates and also make social media posts weekly of what we have been working on every meeting.


Crystal Morales

Hey Everyone! I love science and biology most importantly! I wish to study in a lab when I grow up!



Greetings, I am a proud regent and I want to study medicine when I grow up!

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Easton Satin Shaw

Welcome everyone, I'm Easton and joining Girls Build LA has taught me how to use communications skills and be a part of a group with wonderful members.

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Caroline De La Cruz

Hello, joining this club has given me great opportunity to reach out and speak to girls about great tools to use in the STEM field. My future career will be cyber security related after high school!

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Belquix Lopez Galdamez

I am Belquix Lopez and I love to read and speak to other women about amazing opportunities in the STEM workforce and enjoyment.

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Angelica Chloe Miclat

hey, I joined this club to create a door full of resources for me and making new experiences in my high school career. I want to become a veterinarian when I grow up.

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Michelle Chloe Miclat

Making the choice to join this amazing club and has me to take chances and adapt to new environments. I came out of my shell and now involved more in my school. I want to become a nurse when I grow up.


Yanxi Rodriguez

Hi, my name is Yanxi! I joined Girls Build LA to spread awareness to other girls about STEM careers. My future career will be STEM-related. 


Ashanti Morales

Hello, this club has helped me make new friends and become interested in the STEM field. I would like to become a forensics scientist when I grow up.


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