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"It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it." — Amelia Barr

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have the right to be here.” — Max Ehrmann from “Desiderata: A Poem for a Way of Life”

"...you have the right to be here."

We are here to support you

You are not alone


Our mission is to create a social network platform that will provide resources and a supportive environment to our peers and our community. Our aim is to create an app that will provide users with a variety of mental health resources such as local clinics, hotlines, links to articles related to improving mental health, as well as tips and techniques for improving mental health through exercise and meditation. The app will also provide daily motivation in the form of quotes and images, tips on staying positive, meditation ideas, and calming methods (this information will also be available on the website).

How we came up with the app idea
We noticed the rise of mental illness in our community and wanted to contribute support by facilitating the access to helpful services. 
The App

By building an app, the project provides an opportunity for the group to expand beyond the walls of the school, as the website/ app would be available not only to students at Reseda Charter High School, but also to our community and beyond.

Our plan is to promote the app via in class presentations in our school's health classes. We also plan to present our app at school wide events, as well as other events throughout the year when possible.


Shanti Dube

I'm a freshman at RCHS who takes interest in arts, media, and programming. I joined GBLA because it was the right thing to do for everyone around me


Claudia Chino

Bio: My name is claudia chino. I wanted to join this club because it gave me an opportunity to help people in need.

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Karyna Lopez Chavez

I'm a student from the Biomedical Pathway at Reseda Charter High School and programmer for the Mental Health app. I joined Girls Build LA in hopes of contributing to my community's well-being.

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Evelyn Cifuentes

Bio: Hey! My name is Evelyn, a JR at RCHS and one of the programmers for the Mental Health app. I wanted to join this club because I wanted to help people all over the world! 

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Samantha Nicole Reyes

Bio: Hey There! I'm a Junior at RCHS. I am one of the programmers for the Mental Health app. I joined Girls Build LA in hopes of helping others who have mental health problems.


Trang Huynh

Bio: Hi! my name is Trang. I knew a lot of people developed mental illness and are ashamed to confront it, myself included. I want to join Girls Build LA because I want to help everyone in need by sharing our feelings, despite of these weakness. I also like hugs!

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Aastha Gurug

Bio: Hello! I am a junior in RCHS. I'm the manager of this team along with my partner. 

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Melina Gallegos Vazquez

Bio: Hi!my name is Melina Gallegos and I wanted to join this group because I want to help the community in a positive way.


Irene Greene

Bio:hello! im 16 im the social media manager for Girls Build La. Im passionate about helping others and building people up, so naturally this club fits me.

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